Hi, I’m Erin and I'm so glad you stopped by! 

I seek to make sure everyone has the opportunity to have their stories be heard. In my work, that translates into helping individuals and organizations hone in on narratives that empower their audiences to take action! Over the past few years, I have worked and lived around the world, helping several start-up non-profits discover and share their stories. 

During my time in Amman, Jordan, I conceptualized and built an outreach initiative for Think Unlimited designed to share its story through awareness- and fund-raising events. This program also gave its supporters a way to take part in promoting the non-profit's mission and vision. When I joined Project 418, I switched my focus (and location); using what I had learned about crafting engaging narratives I helped its co-founders devise the non-profit’s brand story. I created content that not only kept their growing community up-to-date on their work in Haiti but gave them a chance to be part of the story.

While crafting meaningful stories is a big part of my life, I am also passionate about education, traveling (my current count is 17 countries), yoga, and languages (you can converse with me in Arabic or German, too!).

I am always on the hunt for exciting opportunities, so if you're looking for someone to help you with your brand, marketing, or organizational storytelling, give me a shout!

In Everything I Do I Believe In:


Connecting the Dots 

No matter what you create and how wonderfully you make it, in order to connect with your audience you need to show them why they should care. I do this by composing purposeful narratives that resonate with readers and inspire them to become a part of the story. 

Going the Extra Mile

I go to great lengths to make things happen and solve problems that arise along the way. I tackle each challenge in both a creative and logical manner, as I believe we should not only be working towards finding a solution, but  we should leave room for magic to occur as well.

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Making the World Better 

Through creating mindful copy, I try to remind readers of our shared humanity and inspire them to help one another. I have a deep-seated belief we can make this world a better place by giving everyone the opportunity to have their stories be heard.

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