I Get People Involved. 

I have extensive experience developing and implementing social media strategies across a wide spectrum of platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. My most recent social media campaign was to increase awareness for Project 418 summer benefit-concert. This campaign culminated in a sold-out show and raised 10K for the non-profit. 


In July 2015, I was in charge of marketing and promoting Project 418’s benefit concert, a 900+ person event that raised money for The Hope Center, a home and school for forty Haitian children who had previously been homeless. Using Facebook and Instagram, I kept the community up to date and involved in our upcoming concert and preparations. I also created the multi-media content we used to advertise this event. This included writing the script for a radio advertisement campaign, creating the copy for multiple email marketing campaigns, and overseeing promotional newspaper interviews. Finally, during the concert, I launched an Instagram Photo Challenge which encouraged the audience to take part in raising awareness about the concert and the project mission.