I Write.

Over the last seven years, I have learned to craft effective and meaningful copy. Although I have worked on a wide range of projects, communication has been at the core of every one of them. It all started in college when I worked as a writing center tutor; after graduation I moved to Tunisia to try my hand at teaching and ended up developing a curriculum on presentation practices for an international audience along the way. Since then, I’ve written grant proposals, constructed fundraising campaigns, designed newsletters, contributed as a guest blogger and even devised my own personal storytelling project on the side.  


Most recently as a part of Project 418, I helped the co-founders create narratives in line with their beliefs, values and vision: messages that communicated their deep passion for helping Haiti and their desire to involve their supporters in the journey. I encouraged followers to participate in the organization’s growth and triumphs through a variety of multi-media content and revamped the organization's website to inform viewers about the non-profit's work in Haiti and how they could get involved.

Photo of non-profit informational fliers courtesy of Jeremiah Crickett