I am a storyteller, helping brands and individuals alike share their ideas and identities.

I always look for the best way to tell a story. I ask questions, listen, and dig in until I’ve found something we all can relate to — something that makes an unknown person or place seem familiar. This practice has served me well no matter if I am writing a feature article or executing a marketing campaign.

My love for storytelling has also taken me all over the world.

While living in Jordan, I worked with a nonprofit that was trying to change how people perceived the future of the Arab World. During this time, I designed and developed a one-of-a-kind outreach initiative to amplify their mission and tell the stories of the people they were helping.  

During my travels in Nicaragua and Haiti, I worked with two different organizations to capture important stories of the people we met and worked with. These stories helped the nonprofits keep their supporters up-to-date and feel like they were apart of the journey.

Today, I call Detroit home. I work with a variety of clients to create content that narrates what they believe and encapsulates who they are.

I am always on the hunt for a story worthing telling. What’s yours?